Some interesting Pictures from Sorn Castle in the beginning of the 1900's courtesy of Gladys Cutajar.

Gladys would dearly love to hear from anyone who can help to identify anyone in these photos.

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The Waukmill Donkey delivering the milk to Catrine.
This looks like it was a concert the children were giving and we can see the photograph was taken by R. Duncan.Catrine. Anyone have any ideas about it? Gladys thinks it must have come from her grandfather's days at Sorn Castle.
Who is the silver service maid?
Anyone know any of the Sorn Castle staff here?
This is believed to be taken at Sorn Castle and anyone who has any information to verify this please get in touch. Taken at Sorn Castle during a red cross gathering
Could be just after or during the first world war. Do you recognize any of the faces. Could be at Sorn Castle after the great war ?
Gladys thinks this was taken at Seamill and that this could be her grandfather James Graham who was the chauffeur to Lord Sorn from 1912 until 1921
I think this is the Gardeners cottage at the castle.
Gladys would like to know where this house is if anyone recognises it.
Gladys thinks this could be her mother as a child. Sorn Castle Gatehouse.
Fund raising events?
More fundraising perhaps a postcard.

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