This is my online photo album with pictures I have taken in and around Catrine Ayrshire and a few old family snaps I managed to salvage. I enjoy writing WebPages as a hobby and retouching old photos. I also enjoy using my digital camera. If anyone has any images especially of old Catrine or old School Photographs of Catrine people I would be glad to hear from them and I will publish them on this website. If you are local and reading this or if you know anyone who is from Catrine and you don't have computer or scanner to copy photos please do hand them in to me at Riverside Crescent and I will get them straight back to you completely unharmed after scanning them. Anyone emailing images please make sure they are .jpg or .gif format. 

A few years ago now I just missed out on a chance to get an old photo of my mother when she was a school girl which I would have dearly loved to see. It is amazing how easy it is to recover a fairly good image from most old photographs because although they may be worn and damaged the old photos were usually taken by professionals and were good quality images. I also have the facilities for making digital images from photographic negatives of reasonable quality. I feel we  all owe it to future generations to retrieve as many of these old images of our ancestors as we can, so please don't just bin old photos of local people and places, please do at least let me see them.

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