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Voes spring 2002 The new cygnets 2005

Ballochmyle viewed from the brae tops

New houses in Burnside park Mauchline Road Rab's St Cuthbert's St Voes postcard picture Voes in spring 2002
Voes spring 2002 Scone spring 2002 Catrine Bowling Green 2002
New swans on the Catrine voes 2005 Swans on the voes Catine from the brae tops showing the greenfield where the cotton mill once stood
New Houses in Burnside park Entering the village at Mauchline Road Scone

Some old pictures of Catrine

Catrine mill lade St Cuthbert street Canary Row Saint Cuthbert's street
Saint Cuthbert street voes Catrine school viewed from the railway A.M.Brown Institute.

Visit Kenny Baird's site for one of the best photographic collections of  Sorn parish history.

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