Eden Project.


My Grampa wants to take me to the Eden Project which is a huge modern kind of greenhouse and I want to use this page to let you know all about it. Guess what?  We are eventually going to the Eden Project. Gran and Gramps have been there last year and they are taking us to Newquay in Cornwall tomorrow for a couple of days. This will be our first time flying as Ryanair fly from Glasgow Prestwick to Newquay. We will be going to Stansted on one plane and then on to Newquay from Stansted. Ryanair do not provide connecting flights on their services so we have to hope that nothing goes wrong with the weather or air traffic strikes as a delay or cancellation could be a bit of a disaster. We have left plenty of time between the flights to Stansted and Newquay which we will have to spend in the airport but Grampa says it's better that than sitting in a car for 2 days driving to get there and two days coming back

So we'll tell you all about it when we get back and Grampa is going to take plenty of digital Photos so he can put them on the website.

Well good old Ryanair got us to Newquay and back in style with every flight leaving on time and arriving 10 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Because my wee brother was with us we were nearly first on the plane every time because disabled people and passengers traveling with young children always get priority, so we got to pick a good window seat to take in the views. I was with Grampa and Sunny was with Gran in the seat in front. Coming back Sunny even got to see the controls and speak to the the pilot. Below is Sunny and me and Gran at Eden.

The large bee behind us is my favourite Eden sculpture. Below is Sunny and Grampa.

This is sunny and me in Newquay.

Cornwall is a beautiful place and the surfers like to go to Newquay as the waves on the beaches are huge. The Newquay Zoo was fun too and the Eden Project was just wonderful. Grampa says he'll take us back when we get a chance and we maybe could get a caravan and stay for a week.

Andie at windy hill

This is a picture of me at Windy Hill near Carsphairn. We went to see the windmills that generate electricity. This is one of my favourite pictures.

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