Smoke free zones.

You will never handle giving up smoking until you have spaces in your life that you enjoy being in that are smoke free zones.  We all go into smoke free zones in buses and cinemas and most work places.  You need to create smoke free zones in your own personal living space. The car is one of the best smoke free zones to start with.  Cars are difficult enough to clean without the added burden of cigarette ash, cigarette burns and smelly ashtrays. It is also much safer to drive without smoke getting in your eyes and the possibility of lighted fag ends being knocked off and causing you to loose your concentration on the road while you save your best jeans or your car seat or your balls from a nasty burn. The second hand value of a car is greatly increased if it has a clean interior with no cigarette burns or smells.

  The children in your life must be kept free from cigarettes so you must consider anywhere that children are as a smoke free zone.  It's easy for some parents and especially grand parents to stick to not ever smoking in front of the children. You may be a young mum and find it very difficult to get away from the kids long enough to have a fag.  I don't have an answer to your problem.  That's one you will have to work out for yourself.  I hope you will drop me an email if you have any good ideas on how to do this safely. I do know that your children are worth this effort on your part, if you don't want them to growing up as smokers? 

The living room is for most people the place you will spend most of your free time.  If you make the effort to outlaw smoking in this room, not only for yourself but for visitors too, then this in my opinion is the greatest benefit to stopping smoking that anyone can ever make.  You can always go to another place to smoke. After getting used to having to do your smoking elsewhere you will discover how easy it is to keep your living room clean and fresh and tidy.  You will have eliminated the possibility of carpets and furniture ever getting cigarette burns.  The most important thing of all though is that you will learn how to be content in this space without a cigarette. This will be the main advantage you gain that will lead to your success in chucking the habit for good.

The kitchen  is usually the best place to have a fag as there is usually an extractor fan to get rid of the smoke.  Most kitchens don't have a telly so you need to choose your fag times around what you're watching or you'll miss out on your entertainment for a quick puff.  I know that I started using the kitchen as the only place where I would have a smoke before I gave it up for good.  I started quite naturally to smoke less and less as I couldn't be bothered with going to the kitchen for a smoke.  I then became so annoyed at the smell of fags in the kitchen that I only smoked outside the house.

The bedroom  was always a smoke free zone for me.  I never believed in allowing cigarettes or ashtrays into a bedroom for purely safety reasons.  I would recommend you make the bedroom your first smoke free zone.  For most of us the bedroom will be the room we occupy most and the place where we are most content.  Make sure it becomes a smoke free zone.

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