Scotch Pancakes


1lb self raising flour.

2 level teaspoons baking soda.

3 large eggs.

2 oz butter. 

4 tablespoons sugar.

2 tablespoons golden syrup.

Good pinch of salt.

Milk to mix.

Put the butter on a saucer and put it on the girdle to melt at a low heat. Combine all dry ingredients in a good mixing bowl and crack in the eggs and syrup and keep adding milk to mix to a smooth consistency.  The mixture should be just liquid enough to drop from a clean metal spoon hence the English name  drop scones. If you like a good thick pancake don't add too much milk. If you add too much milk don't compensate with more flour or the mixture will be too bland,  just cook the batter you have and you'll be making more of a crumpet than a pancake but they are equally good.. The secret to a good pancake is a good girdle at the right heat. If you use a gas cooker keep your gas at a peep. Some heavy bottomed frying pans can do the trick but a girdle is best. Mix in your melted butter last and rub your girdle down with the remaining butter on the the saucer by mopping it up with a piece of kitchen roll. Spoon out your mixture on to the girdle and turn each pancake once you see a bubble or two forming. They will cook on the back side in half the time it takes to cook the first side.  Always cool your pancakes on a wire rack and keep them covered with a tea towel to conserve their moisture. Freeze them as soon as they are cold in freezer bags and they will come out of the microwave as fresh as the day you made them. Serve with good butter and home made jam.

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