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Leek and potato soup.

As a gardener and someone who had the privilege of living in both France and Italy, I have an appreciation for good food. I like natural ingredients and wherever possible I would prefer to eat truly organic food. I used to keep chickens and where I live there is an abundance of fresh salmon, sea trout and trout. I also grow soft fruit. I enjoy cooking and these are a few simple recipes I feel I have managed to master. My partner is an excellent cook and between us I think we manage to eat well without over indulging. We all know it's a fast food world we live in and most people don't have the time to cook proper meals. I feel they have lost out on the most pleasurable side of life.

Chicken and tarragon pie.

Raspberry or strawberry sauce.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who can cook freshwater fish. I like a sea trout filleted and lightly fried in butter with a good seasoning of salt and freshly ground black pepper. My favourite fish meal is potted herrings. I have tried various recipes and I always seem to go back to the ordinary methods my mother used to make. I'd also be grateful to hear from anyone with any ideas on how to make the best of gooseberries.

Blackcurrant jam.

Ginger chicken.

I have dabbled in wine and beer making to such an extent that I have very little appreciation for bought beers or cheaper wines. I love red wine and I would like to buy a vine to grow in a small greenhouse. I would be grateful to hear from anyone in a similar climate who grows their own grapes and makes their own red wine.

Bramble Jelly