500 grams or 1lb1oz  Granulated sugar  (Tate and Lyle cane sugar is best.)

500 grams or 1lb1oz  Demerara sugar

150 grams or 5oz  butter

Tin of Nestles condensed milk 397 grams

200 ml or a mug of fresh whole milk

Add sugars with the fresh milk in a good sized heavy bottomed saucepan making sure the mixture has room to more than double in volume without boiling over. I use the pressure cooker pot. Stir over a low to medium heat until evenly blended. Add the butter cut up into bits and stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar and butter is melted and the mixture becomes smooth and starts to boil. Remove from the heat and stir in the condensed milk. Return to the heat and bring the mixture back to boiling. Allow to boil for exactly 12 minutes stirring occasionally to prevent it catching on the base of the pot and burning. Remove from the heat and stir briskly until the mixture begins to grain. As soon as you feel the grains of sugar forming and see the mixture starting to show signs of cooling and setting turn it out quickly into a suitable flat swiss roll tin which has been lightly buttered. Leave to cool for a few minutes then lightly score the surface into squares with a sharp knife. Leave in a safe place until cold before turning out and breaking up into squares.

Some people prefer to add a few drops of vanilla essence at the end of the boiling period but I prefer the butter to be the main flavour and would always use good quality butter. Unsalted butter is recommended but I often just use salted butter as I always have plenty and itís just as good.

It must be stressed that boiling sugars is a very dangerous practice and extreme care should be taken at all stages to avoid any splashing of such mixtures, it is still very hot when off the boil and will cause severe burns if coming in contact with the skin. Never be tempted to taste these mixtures whilst cooking or pouring as they will burn you as sugars boil at much higher temperatures than water and take much longer to cool. It goes without saying that the children will love the end result but should not be allowed near the kitchen when boiling sugars.


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