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Catrine Band

Many thanks to Alex Mackay for these 3 pictures.

According to Alex  this picture this was the town band getting ready to march 'round the 'Four Fields' when it was made a right of way by the house of Lords.

Coronation Day


Charley Parker Orchestra

Catrine Orchestra 1907

Kindly donated by Alex Mackay.

Back Row from Left: W. Cairns, W. Etherington, Bill McDuff, Andrew Cook, Bob Gillies, George Mackay, David Brown.

Middle Row from left: Charlie Parker, Willie Carson, W. McNulty, Harry Hair, Jimmy Miller, Charlie Barbour.

Front Row from left: Sam Pitt, James Gibb, Bob Meikle, George Meikle, John Patrick

Bob Meikle 94 named them all for me and his father of the same name and his uncle George Meikle are there in the front row. He calls it the Charlie Parker Orchestra.


This is a new picture I got last week from Shaun Reynolds. You can see the trumpet player on the left is James Gibb as he is in the Catrine Orchestra picture. I scanned this from an original photo. The date and name had been added to the mount in pen and I wonder if it is correct. Thanks Shaun

The South Siders

The South Siders

From right to left: Bill Park, Scoonie Park his uncle, Tom Wilson is behind Scoonie with the washboard then we have Tibbie Hamilton's first wife Morag McMurtrie, then Johnnie McDugald on the tea box bass. Johnnie told me who the other two guitarist were and I can only remember that one of them was Jim Hildritch. I will find out next time I see him.

Many thanks to Toni Leitch for this photo.


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