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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.

Catine School Staff from 1950

Catrine School Staff from 1950

So far these names have been suggested but still to be confirmed.

Back row left to right Mr Caine (woodwork teacher nicknamed Tubal), ?, Mr Wilson, Rose Wallace, Mary Anderson, Jean Provan,  Isabell Scott, Mr Devlin, Betty Cameron, Tam Elliot.

Front row left to right Mr Lawson, Maizie Neilson, Miss Begg, Mr Thomson, Mr Smith (nicknamed big Alkie), Miss Buchanan, Nora Fryer (Mauchline minister's daughter.)


Catrine School 1954

Catrine JS 1954-ish, Mrs Stirling?

Left to right Top row: geoff hutchinson, victor clark, david barr, william duncan, robert gemmell tom nicol, ian hall, robert stirling, john mcluskie, gibson kyle
second row from back: anne morrison, marilyn bell, margaret brown, christa bergmann, muriel stevenson, kathleen boyle, maureen steele, beryl duncan
3rd row from back: jean dignam, judith carson, margaret kerr, sheila pullar, eileen kyle, jean johnston, sandra mclelland, brenda irvine, angela gemmell, jean ?
bottom row: jim fowler, robert dalzeil, len anderson, iain mcCrae, tom chadwick, john gardiner, alex kyle

Catrine School 1955

Catrine JS 1955 Mrs. Gillies
left to right top row: robert stirling, johnny thompson, john mcluskie, tom nicol, robert gemmell, david barr, ian hall, campbell muir, william duncan, geoff hutchinson, victor clark
2nd row from back: anne morrison, marilyn bell, netta standring, kathleen boyle, margaret brown, lillian richmond, muriel stevenson, emily mcadam, christa bergman, edith mcadam, jean johnston, sheila pullar
3rd row from back: jean ?, brenda irvine, maureen steele, beryl duncan, eileen kyle, sandra mclelland, rae sharpe, margaret kerr, angela gemmell, judith carson
bottom row: alstair white, len anderson, neil watson, derek rodgers, iain mcCrae, john cree, john gardiner, robert dalzeil, jim fowler

Catrine Primary School 1961

Back row left to right: Mrs. Joyce Gray nee Edgar, Douglas King, Jim McIntyre, Rickie Logan, Michael Turnbull, Rene Leitch,  Mathew Wotherspoon.

Middle Row:Tommy Kyle, Frank Reynolds, Bernard McDowall, Margaret Herbertson, Madge Templeton, Neil Seymours, Andrew Fowler, Billy Wilson.

Front Row:Grace Withers, Linda Watson, Sheena Fowler, Susan Sadler, Nesta Wilson, Margaret Ross, Ena Jackson. Linda Wilson, Joan Hamilton, Margaret McFadgeon.






Annie Kyle, James Kyle and Gina Kyle wife of Jack Jackson

Annie Kyle, James Kyle and Gina Kyle wife of Jack Jackson


Jack Jackson school janitor with his daughter Ena

Ena Jackson and her dad Jack the Janitor

Catrine School 1955

Maizie Neilson'class. Left to right.

Top Row: Jim Mcdowall, David Cairns , Harry Gorman, George Caldwell, Jim Buck, Eric Clark, Tom Cowan, Ian Caldwell, Sandy Wilson, Alistair Kerr. 2nd row from back: Maizie Neilson teacher, Marion Welsh, Charlotte Lyle, Evelyn Stobo, Margaret Wilson, Fiona Chisholm, Effie Poole, Betty Weir, Margaret McKie, Sheila Pullar, Wendy McCrae. 3rd row from back: Margaret Urquhart, Jacqueline Armitage, ?  Ann Clark, Myra Sears, Linda McNeil, Florence Kerr, Essie Peden, Mary Little, ? Whyte, Nancy Kyle, Elsie Ferguson, Ina Halliday.  Front Row: Toni Cano, Robert McClure, Connel Irvine, Benny Clark, Bill Steele.



Catrine School 1955

Left to right Back Row :Jackie Paterson, -Scobie, George Kerr,  -Hutchison, Bert Fulton, Harry Rodgers, Willie Clark, Kenneth Roxborough, Sandy Kerr, Bill McDonald, Alan Gardiner. Middle Row: Billy McIlvainy, Jean Millin, ?, Margaret Nelson, ?, Emily Paterson, Patricia Boyle, Anne McIntyre, Jim Ruddy. Front Row: BettySears, -Russel, -Clark, Margo Cartner, -Gilmore, Catherine Robb, -Davies, -Duncan, ?.





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