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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.

Catrine Primary School 1960

Back row: George Fowler,  Hugh Clark, George Paterson, George Glencross, Andrew Reid,  Billy Jamieson. Middle row: Ena Jackson, Bill Ferguson, Gerald Duncan, David Inglis, Harry Parker, Neil Seymour, Joan Hamilton. Front row: Sandra Mcpheators, Grace Withers, Marilyn Wilson, Linda Russell, Alexis Frew, Marlene Wilson, Margaret Ewing, Linda Watson, Margaret Burgess.

Mrs Houston's Class 1957

Back row: Billy Murray, Johnny Johnson, Logan McConnell, Toni  Leitch, ?, George Paterson, William Logan.  2nd row: George Glencross, Irene Hume, May Hutchison, Elizabeth Sharp, Margaret Cairns, Madelaine McCrae, Stan Little. 3rd row: Margaret Burgess, Sandra Mcpheators, Anna Aitkin, Irene King, Esther Fowler, Sandra Boyle, Catherine Craigie, Isabelle Millin, Josephine Morgan, Janet Steele.  Front row: Tom Meikle, James Alexander, Elliot Boyle, John Edelberg.

Catrine Primary 1957

Back row: James Galloway, Billy McKinnon, Kenneth Hanning, Peter Logan, Willie Welsh, Tommy Cree. Middle row: Richard Sadler, Allan Dick, -Dick, Marion Faulds, Primrose Holland, Gillian Ewing, Andrew McKellar, Billy Hamilton. Front row: Marion Stewart, Moira Urquart, Mhaira Mason, Mary Speirs, Sandra Irvine, Irene Hall, Lilly Wilson, Linda Murray, Anne Robb, Agnes McCulloch. 

Catrine Junior Secondary 1957

Back row: Johnny McPhee, Bryan Sansome, Peter Kleboe, Michael McCluskie, Tom Caldwell, John Holland, Ronnie Stuart, Bill McDonald, Davy Richmond, teacher: Andrew Lawrie. 2nd row: Sandy Kerr, Allan Sayers, Jean Fulton, Chrissie McConachy, Margaret Nelson, Sheena Logan, Margo Cartner, Anne McIntyre, Bugs Archibald, Kenny Roxborough. Third row: Susan Gardner, Margaret Cairns, Anne White, Jean Niven, Anne Bell, Linda Grant, Jennifer McClelland, Ina Raeside, Elizabeth Fowler. Front row: Davy McCausland, Brian Rodgers, Norman Steele, Allan Gardener, Jimmy Scobie, Ian Lees. 

Catrine Primary

Back row:  Flora Miller, Helen Steele, Ella Borland, Betty Buchanan, Ina Speirs, Margaret Paterson, ?, Wilma Gorman, ?, Margaret Corrigan, Mattie Cree, (Teacher: Miss McGhee)  Middle row:  ?, Andy Nisbet, Hugh Corrigan, George Anderson, William Harvey, Inglis Thomson, Robin Stevenson, Robert Paterson, Alex Leitch, John McAtee, Andrew?, Bruce Moncur, Roger (spivie) Niven.  Front row:  Robert Campbell, ?, Dougie Hood, ?, Sandy Marr, Jean McCluckie, Margaret McPhee, Sadie Fisher, Jean Oliphant, Mattie Gardner, ?, Jim Richmond, George Gardner, Hugh Nicol.

Pirates at Catrine old school
Catrine Primary

Left to right Back row: Davy Richmond, Brian Rodgers, Michael McCluskie, Kenny Roxborough, Allan Sayers, Ronnie Stuart, Teacher? Second row: Ian Hutchinson, Margaret Nelson, Bert Fulton, ?, Bill McDonald. Third row: ?, Maureen Gilmour, Anne McIntyre, ?, Helen Robb, Susan Gardner. Front row: Ian Lees, ?, John Holland, Matt Ferguson, Jackie Patterson.



Catrine primary Cindarella


Catrine Secondary 1960

Left to right Back row : Mrs. Gillies, John Holland, Sandy Kerr, Willie Clark, Ian Hutchinson, Michael McCluskie, George Kerr. Front row: Ian Lees, Brian Rodgers, Billy McIlveany, Norman Steele, Matt Ferguson ,Bert Fulton, Willie Shields, Jim Ruddy, Davy McCausland, Jackie Patterson.


Dave's class

Left to right Back row: Allan Hope, Ian Kiltie, Tom Welsh, Bobby Kane, Robert Fowler, Eric Roxburgh, Donald Duncan, Raymond Fowler, Iain Gillies. Middle row: Jimmy McKellar, Ronnie Bunten, George Stobo, Billy Aitkin, Richard Kyle, David Steele, Wildon Holland, Tom Wotherspoon, Adam Steele.
Front row: Yvonne Reid, Agnes Ewing, Marilyn McLennan, Irene Morgan, Marilyn Brown, Jane Fowler, Josephine Russell, Ann Bell.

Many thanks to Jimmy McKellar for naming all his class. You've put the idea into my head Jimmy, to start trying to name all the ones I can remember in the other photos.

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