Catrine School Photographs Page three:

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All rows are named from left to right. Many thanks to Margaret Cairns for sending me these first two photographs and naming everyone in them

Miss Scott

Back row: Miss Scott, Harry Parker, George Paterson, William Logan, Logan McConnell, George Glencross, Andrew Reed, Stan Little, ?, John Edelberg. 2nd row: Madelaine McCrae, Joyce Muir, Sandra Boyle, Margaret Cairns, Elizabeth Sharp, Irene Hume, Anne Ramsay, Esther Fowler. 3rd row: Sandra McPheaters, ?, Margaret Burgess, Josephine Morgan, Anna Aitken, Margaret Ewing, Isobel Millin. Front row: Hugh Clark, Tom Meikle, Johnny Johnson, Billy Murray, Gerald Duncan.


The old school

Back row: Johnny Johnson, James Alexander, David Ritchie, Stan Little, Peter Logan, William Logan,  Logan McConnell, Toni Leitch, John Elelberg. Middle row: Elliot Boyle, Anne Ramsay, Sandra Boyle, Elizabeth Sharp, May Hutchison, Margaret Cairns, Elizabeth McGhee, Irene Hume, Marion Stewart, Billy Murray. Front row: Irene King, Janette Steele, Madelaine McCrae, Isobel Millin, Joyce Muir, Esther Fowler, Josephine Morgan, Anne Kerr, Anna Aitkin, Mhaira Mason.

The 60's with Mr. Campbell

Back row: Joe Rae, Joyce Gray (nee Edgar), Jean Oliphant, Miss Mair, Brian Loy,?,?, Mr. Lowe, Jack Jackson. Front row: Miss Lees, Margaret Nelson, Miss Schoefield, Miss Scott, Mr.Campbell, Mrs.Gibson, Miss Collins, ?.

Jimmy Dobie
Back Row: Teacher Miss Oliphant, Jimmy Dobie, David(Lab) Millen, Ian Fowler, Richard(Dick) Welsh, Alastair Fowler, Leslie Harrison, ?. Middle Row: John Flanigan, ?, Jim(Boab) Lawrie, Cyril Duncan, Alex McIlvean, Tommy Gilmour, Tommy Halliday, Tom Loy. Front Row: Roberta Muir, Elizabeth Wallace, Maureen Parker, Christine Tool, Margaret Kane, Sandra Nimmo, Linda McCulloch, Moira Steel, Margaret Millin.
Herbie's class

Back row: Sam Connel, Ian Niven, Jimmy Logan, John McCulloch, Ian Boyle, David Hope, Derick Frew, Ross Flemming, Ian Black. Middle row: John Brown, John Ward, Hugh Brown, James Parker, Alan Connell, Alistair Cairns, Charlie Dobie, Robert Toole, William Duncan, Billy Muir. Front row: Myra Hamilton, Liz Reilly, Katherine Hamilton, Isabelle Gillies, Leslie Campbell, Rosemary McLaren, Margaret McClure, Rae Gilmour, Annette Urquhart, Linda Herbertson.

Back Row: Wilson Ross, Tom Sneddon, Billy Millin, Jim McDowell, Drew Ewing, Richard Kerr, Kenneth Fowler, Willie McGarrie. Middle Row: Ian Hunter, Alfie McCluckie, Linda Hope, Mary Nichol, Irene Ward, Evelyn Muir, Heather Chisholm, Margaret Ballentine, Sam Gillies, Sam McCleland. Front Row: Anne Collins, Mary Anderson, Elaine Nisbet, Kathleen Kyle, Ann Goldie, Catherine Watson, Margo Smith, May Nimmo, Janice McGarry, Charmaine Cairns, Beth Brown.

Frazer Leitch

Thanks to Jacqueline McCulloch for naming her class as follows.

Back row: Alex Kirkwood, Hugh Fowler, Fraser Leitch, Ian Paterson, Robert McGarry, John McKellar, John Clark, Robert Watson, Johnny Boil, Teacher: Miss Mair. Middle row: Billy Trimble, Ewan Rowan, Jean Nicol, Grace Templeton, Agnes Parker, Elizabeth Rowan, Maureen Hose, Jim Collins. Front row: Grace Craigie, Margaret Ferguson, Jean Houston, Elizabeth McClelland, Joice McCulloch, Jacqueline McCulloch, Christian Russell, Christine Millen, Kathleen Morgan, Maureen Flemming, Anne Kerr, Christine McCluskie.

Billy Patterson

Thanks to Ken Dunlop for naming his class as follows.

Back row: John King, David Ewing, Arthur Leske, John Dobbie, Billy Paterson. Middle row:  John Dick, Bill Fisher, John Kerr, George Ewing, Jim Kane, Ken Dunlop (ME), Stewart Murray, Bernard McDowall, Hugh Fowler.Front row: Jane Cross, Morag McConnachie, Helen Murray, Marion Ferguson, Anne McGhee, Margaret McIlvean, Barbara Belshaw, Molly Parker, Janice Connell, Angela Bell, Margaret Jamieson.

John Faulds

Thanks to Rosie Lyons for some of the names here. I have added a few I knew too but some will  be wrong.

Back row: John Faulds, ?, Allan Walton, Jockie Gillies, John Pall, Billy Tannock, William Nicoll, Alex Urquart, Billy McCluckie, Graham Dick. Middle row: Teacher Miss Collins, Gwen Duncan, ?, Sandra Mitchell, -White, Wilma Watson, -Welsh, Alice McKinnon. Front row: Rosemary Lyons, Elizabeth Black, Sally Conner, Joan Steele, Freda Leske, Maimie Bell, Elizabeth Jamieson, ?, Helen Robb.

George Glencross

Back row: George Glencross, Hugh Clark, George Paterson, Douglas Fowler, John Edelberg, Andrew Reid, David Inglis, Billy Jamieson, Gerald Duncan, George Fowler. Middle row: Teacher, ?, Elizabeth Sharp, Esther Fowler, Irene Hume, Lillian McMurtrie, -Leitch. Front row: Joyce Muir, Linda Russell, ?, ?, Sandra McVitas, Linda Wilson, Isabell Millin, Margaret Ewing, Francesca Haliday. 

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