Catrine School Photographs Page Seven:

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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.


Back row: Alex Tanner, ,Jimmy Dobie, Lex Blackwood, Derek Ewing, ?,?. Front Row: Richard Welsh, Tommy Gilmour, Anne Cano, Shirley McCulloch, Wendy Hayward, Isabel Ewing, Sammy Parker, Jim Elliot.

Back row: Richard Kerr, Robert Toole, William McGarry, Ian Hunter, Charlie Dobie. Middle row: May Nimmo, Anne Collins, Mary Nicol, Eileen Ward, Linda Hope, Nannette Nicol, Evelyne Muir, Janice McGarry, Teacher: John McIlvean. Front Row: Anne Goldie, Catherine Kyle, William Duncan, Kenny Fowler, Tam Gillies, Drew Ewing, Beth Brown, Elizabeth Watson.


Back row: John Dobie, Hugh Fowler, Adam Steele,-Ewing, Wildon Holland, ?.  Middle row: Barbera Belshaw, Anne McGee, ?, ?, ?, Jane Fowler, Irene Morgan, Marion Ferguson Teacher: Dobie Gillies. Front row: ?,  Donald Duncan, David Ewing, ?, ?,  David Steele, Robert McMahon, Bobby Kane, ?.

Back row: Agnes Parker, Maureen Hose, Ian Paterson, Robert McGarry, Anne Kerr, Kathleen Morgan. Front row: Alex Kirkwood, Grace Graigie, Joyce McCulloch, Maureen Flemming, Christian Russell, Jacqueline McCulloch, Jim Collins, Jimmy Kane.


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