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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.

Jim Bunting

Back row: Elenor Fowler, Margaret McKie, ?, Margaret Bell, Margaret Harrison, Morag McDonald, Betty Robertson, Teacher: Mary Gibb. Middle row: Jim Symington, Jack Kennedy, Willie Fowler, Andrew McIntyre, Drew Gilmour, Billy McKay, Benny Clark. Front row: Jim Stirling, Toni Cano, Mary Harrison, ?,?,Jean Byrne, Jim Bunting, Maureen Smith, Nancy Kyle, ?, Margaret Campbell, ?, Campbell McCausland.

Jim Bunting

Back row: Hugh Fowler, ?, John Dobbie, ?, ?, ?, Billy Paterson. Middle row: Linda Russell, ?, John Kerr, Martin Leiske, Stewart Little, ?, Jimmy Kane, Marion Ferguson. Front row: ?, ?, ?, /Scott, Jane Cross, ?, ?, Margaret Rafferty, ?, ?.

Jim Bunting

Many thanks to Anne Cano for all the names.

Back row from left...Ron Brown..John Burgess..Billy Gilmour..Robin Chislhom..Derek Frew..Billy Gilfillan..John Sharp..Ian McKerrow. Teacher Mary Bunting. Middle row from left...Wilson Fleming..Derek Ewing..Gary Smith..Alex Tanner..Jim McGarry..Gordon Reid..Samuel Parker..Jim Elliott....Front row from left....Nancy McCluskie..Alison Gardener..Wendy Hayward..Jane Rowan..John Parker..Shirley Mcculloch..Janice Tannock..Anne Cano..Isobel Ewing.


Les Henderson

Back row: Miss Morrison, David Muir, Alistair McIntosh, Cameron McDowell, Brian Bell, Paul Harvey, Billy Spies, Andrew Dunlop. Middle row: Ian Campbell, Kevin Ewing, Tom Blackwood, John Watson, Gary Wilson, ?. Ewing, Kerwyn Smyth, Andrew McVean. Front row:  ???, Frances Watson, Joanne Hilditch, Jan Weir, ???, Gail Elliott, Frances Spence, Margaret Watson, ?? McMahon.

Catrine School 1951

Many thanks to Harry Houston for this school photo from 1951. He has named all his class below.

From front to back, Front Row: G. McColm(Sorn), D. McFadzean, R. Fowler, G. Farrell(Sorn), J. Stirling, E. Bergman(German), W. Farrell(Sorn), T. Foster(Sorn), J.Robertson. Second Row: W. Bergman(German), H. Houston, M. Ferguson, S. McConnel(Sorn), B. Duncan, B. Hanning, A.Beverage, T. Sawyers, B. Dick, J. Weir, J. Welsh. Third Row: A. Clark, J.Clark, N. Coughtrie, J. Fowler, M. Harrigan, M. Blair,, D. Thomson, J. Clark,  J. Sawers(Miffy), J. Muir, P. Devlin,(Teacher). Back Row: W. Innes, R. Smith, J. Coughtrie, J. Gordon(Sorn), W. Templeton( Catrine House Syke Farm), L. Clark, M.Dalziel(Sorn).

Catrine school around 1950

My brother Gordon Steele is on the front row 4th from the left. Around 1950.

Catrine School around 1950

My brother Gordon Steele is on second row down to the right of the teacher.


Catrine school 1952

This is Miss Neilson's entire P6 class in 1952.  My brother Gordon Steele is on the front row 2nd from the right.

George Fowler sent me this picture and I think uncle George Fowler Leslie and Andrew's dad is first on the left front row. 8th from the left front row is Neil Seymour's grandmother Betty Pulley. John Thomson the headmaster is on the right. The picture is from the early to mid 1930's

Betty Pulley is on the left of the second front row. George Fowler is fifth from the left on the forth row back. We think the picture dates about 1928.

Neil Seymour's father is in the front row 3rd from the left. Davy Ritchie is there too but we are not sure where.


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