Catrine School Photographs Page Five:   

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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.

Billy Herbertson

Back row: Cameron McDowell, Billy Herbertson, Robin Aitkin, John Hannah, Jim Sharp, Lorenz Cairns, Neil McKerrow, Barry Holland, John Loy, Alan Sayers, Middle row: Andrew Galloway, Carol Scade,  Morag Dunsmuir, Betty Ward, May McMurdo, Libby Gillies, Iris Nicol, Diane Wilson, Rosemary Phillips, Iain Grant. Front row: Frazer McIntosh, Janette Parker, Irene Millin, Linda Ewing, Marion Tanner, Alex Ewing, Susan Greaves, Nesta Flannigan, Nancy Blackwood, Ester Watson, John Watson.

Jackie Blackwood

Back row: Jackie Blackwood, Tom Cuthbert, Ian Hope, Kenneth McCormick, Dougie Gemmell, Joe McCullough. Middle row: Middle row: Alex Campbell, ?, Margaret Innes, Anne Chisholm, Sandra Welsh, Elizabeth Boyd, Sam Watson, Tom McKewan. Front row: John Kane, Wilma Millen, Joyce Elliot, Bernadette McCluskie, Gloria Higgins, Linda McCluskey, Wendy Scott, Liz Flannigan, John Gardiner.

Billy Wilson Carol Dobie
Cameron with a serious face.

Taken in the early 1970`s - Back row: ( L to R ) Cameron McDowall, Hamish Hodge, Kevin Ewing, John McCluckie, Garry Richmond, Brian Bell, Martin Dick, Garroch Patterson, Alex Ewing, Drew Dunlop.
Row 3 : John Watson, Tracey Speirs, Andrew Blackwood, Billy Speir, Bobby Bell, Thomas McComb, Jim McIntyre, Danny Robertson, Alastair McIntosh, Gary Wilson, John Campbell.
Row 2: June Stewart, Linda Watson, Frances Watson, Margaret Fowler, Gail Elliott, Valerie Connell, Myra Cree, Jan Weir, Joanne Hilditch, Loretta Watson, Catriona Chisholm.
Front row: John Peden, Andrew McVean, Ian Samson, Derek Templeton, Alec Campbell.

Janet McKewan

Back row: Stuart McCormick, Kerwin Smith, John McKinnon, David Muir, John Graham, Robert Black, Tom Blackwood, Lyle Todd, David Gilles. 3rd row: Peter Murray, Murray Miller, Tom Wilson, Rhona Harvey, Ruth Todd, Annette Robertson, Stewart Welsh, Gordon Scott, Fudgy McFadzean, Teacher  Miss Longmuir.  2nd row: Charles White, Janet McKewan, Margaret McMahon, Helen Campbell, Fiona, Jean Trimble, Alison McDowall, Fay Mitchell, Margo Patten, Alison Roxburgh, Colin Duff. Front row: Gordon Blackwood, Jim Trimble, John Welsh.

Back row: Richard Johnston, John Pyman, Drew Clark, Archie Reynolds, John Henderson, Leslie McCulloch, Ernie Curry, Middle row: Lee McPike, Brian Watson, William Gillies, Duncan McCallum, Ian Crawford, Alistair Fleming, James Weir, James Gardner, Front row: Lynne McPike, Jane Givens, Jacqueline Wilson, Lorna Hildrich, Fiona Coughtrie, Janette Campbell Annette Brown, Alison Campbell.

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