Catrine School Photographs Page thirteen:

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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.

These next 3 photos were donated by Leslie Fowler. Back row: Teacher or coach?, - Thomson, Jock McLelland, - Gibb, - Nicol, Hector Winning, Wilson Winning. Teacher or coach?. Front row: The Headmaster John Thomson, -Simpson, -Davidson, -Nelson, George Fowler (Leslie's Father), - Wotherspoon, Teacher or coach?. 

Back row: Tommy Brown, Terry Conner, Leslie Fowler, Curly McConnachie, Andrew Clark, Jimmy Dunlop. Middle row: Hugh Holland, Scott McKinnon, Tommy Houston, Moira Gillies, Charlie Carson, Jim Stewart, Gregor Russell. Front Row: Audry McGowan, Francis McCrae, Janet Fulton, ?, ?, Anne Cree, Netta McIllvanie, Elizabeth Mclaren.

Back row: Teacher?, -McClean, Yanik Wiscoski, Gregor Russell, Leslie Fowler, Martin Leskie. Middle Row: Andrew Clark, Joseph Wilson, Scott McKinnon, Tommy Houston, Andrew Mclelland, Hugh McKluskie, Terry Conner, Hugh Holland. Front row: Tom Belshaw, Denham Cairns, Christine McLelland, Anne Cree, ?,Jean Crumpler, Sandra King, Rena Hume, Jim McCausland, Jim Wilson.

Back row: Jim Wilson, Andrew Clark, Hugh Holland, Tommy Brown, Raymond Steele, Curly McConnachie, Leslie Fowler, Jim Hannan. Middle Row: Gregor Russell, Terry Conner, Scott McKinnon, Tommy Houston, Jim Stewart, Billy Gilmour, Micheal Ewing, William Dick. Front row: Elizabeth McLaren, Moira Anderson, Chrisie Morton, Catherine Inglis, Wilma Wotherspoon, Mary Cree, Arlene Liddle, Sheena Ruddie, Anne Cree, Daisy Shaw, Margaret Kyle.

This is a copy of a postcard that was sent in 1912 to John Gemmel at Dalsalloch rows in Auchinleck and the T Fowler in the middle was Leslie Fowler's grandfather. George Fowler's father.


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