Catrine School Photographs Page Four:

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All rows are named from back row to front row from left to right.

Jean Welsh

Back row: Miss Scott: Bobby Paterson, Ron Cross, Wilma Wotherspoon, Graham Welsh, Mary Cree, John Gilmore. 2nd row: Jean Welsh, Moira Anderson, Sheena Ruddy, Janet Fulton, Netta Meikle, Mary Wallace. Front row: Michael Ewing, Scott McKinnon, Andrew Clark,  Margaret Kyle. 

Jean Welsh

Back row: Richard Clark, Tom Dick, Francis Mclure, Steven Brodie, Brian Roxburgh, Charles Harvey, Raymond Bunting, Jimmy Kleboe, Lesley McDonald, teacher Miss McMillan 2nd row:  Jim Morrison, Ronnie Caldwell, Sandra McMurtrie, Joanne Bell, Mary Wallace, Cathlene Houston, Besilica Wotherspoon, Moira Houston, Jim Bell, George Waddle. 3rd row: Jean Welsh, Margaret Kyle, Elizabeth Brown, Marlene Galloway, Elizabeth Anderson, Carol Irvine, Chrissie Morton, Rita Murchison, Margaret Thompson. Front row:  Sandy Duncan, David Muir, George McGhee, Laurence Oliphant, ?, Jimpy Kyle.

Jean Welsh

Back row: Michael Ewing, Jimpy Kyle,Tommy Fowler, Jim Kleboe, Graham Welsh, Bobby Paterson, Billy Black. Middle row: Teacher, Janette Rodgers, Mary Wallace, Mattie Edelberg, Wilma Wotherspoon, ?, Mary Cree. Front row: Iris Boyle, Margaret Kyle, Sheena Ruddy, Moira Houston, Chrissie Morton, Moira Anderson, Netta Meikle, Jean Welsh.

Loy's class

Back row: ?, Joseph Wilson, Frank Gordon, Jim Ferguson, Jim McCausland. 2nd row: Jim Gilmore, Fergus Grant, Billy McKinnon, Jim Kerr, ?, Teacher John Loy. Front row: Helen Edelberg, Rosemary Holland, Lilly Wilson, ?, Maureen Brown, Mary Sharp.

A 5 year old Rab

Miss Scott's class.Primary1

Back row: Billy Hamilton, Jim Boyle, Mary Sharp, Allan Dick, Jim Kerr, May Hutchison, Allan Clanachan, Frank Gordon. 2nd row: Johnny Johnson, Fergus Grant, ?, George Mitchell, ?, James Cross, Jim Gilmour, Jimmy Ferguson, Earnest Bell. 3rd row: Moira Urquart, Christine Wallace, Morag Fowler, Helen Edelberg, Gillian Ewing, Elizabeth Nelson, Rosemary Holland, Lilly Wilson. Front Row: William Millin, Jim Galloway, Tommy Cree, Willie Welsh, Gordon Pullar, Kenneth Hanning, Robert Steele, Tommy McLaren.

Many thanks to Lilly Wilson for this and the opposite photo. I have searched for years for pictures with me in them.


Rab Steele at 10 years old with RS on the blazer.

Back row: Alex McKluckie, Tommy Cree, William Millin, Robert Steele, Jim Galloway, Tommy McLaren. 2nd row: Billy McKinnon, Campbell Rutherford, Gordon Pullar, Billy Hamilton, Johnny Johnson, Richard Sadler, Andrew McKellar, Robin Cocking, Willie Welsh. Front row: Moira Urquart, Linda Murray, Janet Kleboe, Gillian Ewing, Rosemary Holland, Marion Faulds, Irene Hall, Lilly Wilson, Sandra Irvine, Mary Spears.

Joe Ray

Back row: Elliot Boyle, Richard Sadler, Jim Galloway, Jim Alexander, Alex McKluckie, Peter Logan. 2nd row: Betty Chidwick, Elizabeth Magee, Gillian Ewing, Moira Urquart, Josephine Morgan, Joe Rae. Front row:  Mary Spears, Sandra Irvine, Irene King, Sandra Boyle, Anne Kerr, Anne Ramsay.


Jim Steele in primary1 with Miss Scott

Thanks to Les Henderson for this latest photo from primary one with my eldest nephew Jim Steele on Miss Scott's left.



Charley Davis Ian Todd

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